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Public Sector

Today municipal and state governmental agencies face daunting challenges:

  • Integrating state and local government initiatives to provide effective end-to-end solutions for security and public health
  • Demonstrating value and transparency to a confused and increasingly cynical public
  • Implementing cost reduction intelligently - scalpel vs. ax
  • Managing effectively through the sharpest economic downturn in recent history 

The professionals from Jimenez Consulting Solutions understand the nuances of the public sector environment and the importance of:

  • Engaging Stakeholders: In order for most public sector projects to succeed, the needs of stakeholders representing different agencies and functions must be considered and prioritized. Our project managers have the requisite leadership, communication, negotiation and conflict management skills to help people with different perspectives understand the  "big picture", thereby improving  collaboration and decision making.
  • Understanding Local Politics: Governmental directives, statutes, policies, procedures and budget limitations are all very important to the successful delivery of public sector projects. Our project management methods help us get a handle on them early and mitigate potential impacts they have on each stage of the project.
  • Anticipating Public Scrutiny: Failures may receive a great deal of attention because of their potential to impact many people and because governments cannot conceal information. Success does not necessarily result in praise. We understand the need to achieve early wins and manage risk.
  • Delivering More With Less:  State and municipal governments are challenged to continue and improve operations with fewer resources. Technology provides a means; albeit at a price. State and local governments must carefully trim and justify demand for new infrastructure and applications. Our experienced professionals can help you evaluate and select solutions that can support your organization's short and long term needs.

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