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Project, Program & Portfolio Management

Are your technology projects yielding the results you had planned?

Countless project management case studies have shown that the way IT projects are managed and planned is a key factor in their success - or failure.  Numerous businesses have spent significant time and money investing in state-of-the-art technology, yet have not been able to realize the business benefits they were striving to achieve by deploying this technology.  Budgets are overrun, timelines are missed and objectives are not met. 

These challenges become more complex when managing a group of several related projects, or a program.  In addition to effectively managing and controlling a number of projects simultaneously, Program Management involves coordination of interdependencies, prioritization of effort across the program, and summarization of status, budgets, and timelines for the collective effort.

Portfolio Management addresses an entire set of IT projects and programs in an organization.  Quite often organizations attempt to do more projects than they have the capacity to do.  Investing in the right projects at the right time to provide the right returns is a common challenge faced by both Business and IT executives today.  Portfolio Management helps you gain control of your IT spend by tying it to the company's strategic objectives and return on investment criteria.

Managing IT projects, programs and portfolios has elements of both an art and a science - and at Jimenez Consulting Solutions, LLC (JCS), we have mastered both.  We can help your organization at all levels of the Project, Program and Portfolio Management (PPPM) spectrum, from

  • Managing a single project to a successful conclusion
  • Leading large IT programs
  • Assessing & managing an entire portfolio of IT projects

JCS has the skills and experience required.  JCS's industry proven professionals provide a broad range of services including:


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